An Invitation


Please read the following essays and think about it. Does it sound familiar? Do you sometimes think like this? If so you are on the right path. Now you need to exercise your mind a bit and expand on this. What else does the American Militia mean? Give it a shot, add a thought or two and send it back to MCSM by the mail link on the left margin. BE CONCISE. If you have a good stand alone segment that I do not have to edit a lot, you may see it added to this growing essay. If you have just a small point for discussion, that may appear here also with some commentary on it.

Give it a shot.

Oh; By the Way. You must be willing to attach your real name and area you reside in to the messages. If you insist I will anonymize your contribution somewhat but your friends will most likely still recognize you. Trust and respect grow from knowing who you are talking to. Anonymous posts carry no weight.

Bob Culver, MCSM

See the newest addition to this series
entitled "Invasion!" (included at the
bottom of this list), which addresses
the San Bernardino terrorst attack on
December 2, 2015.

"The American Militia - Introduction"

"Defense Free Victim Zones"

"Waving The Flag"

"A Patriot's Christmas"

"Out Of The Closet"

"Who Said Anything About Duck Hunting?"

"Repeal the Second Amendment ?"

"Well Regulated"

IF the worst case scenario below comes to pass,
we will be seriously tested

The American Militia--Some Thoughts Of Others On Its Heritage

Four Boxes For Freedom

Stand Up For Action

If You Want Something Done Right . . .

It’s the law stupid! Or do I have that backward?

What Is The Militia?

Defender at home, in public and at worship

Hellers' Second Amendment

The Well Tempered Tool

D.C. vs. Heller; Scotus Decision

The Tool Using Tools

Thinking of Thanks Giving

Trained and Ready

Freedom and Wild Pigs

At First There Were Few

Well Regulated - Does Someone Fear You?

Gaining Some Ground

Gaining More Ground

Liberty, Self Defense, Religion; One Christian Prospective

One Christian Prospective, Continued - Part II

One Christian Prospective, Continued - Part III

One Christian Prospective, Continued - Part IV

Tools and Tactics

Are You A Member?

Is There A Second Amendment Problem That
Requires Fixing By Adopting A 28th Amendment?

Invasion! (PDF Format)

Important Note: Our readers should understand that
these essays discuss the "militia" as defined
by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States.

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