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As previously stated, the U.S. Constitution was designed to protect a free people from the dangers of human nature. Human nature has not changed. Absolute power still corrupts today just as it did back in colonial times. Our federal government has grown since the days of the "Great Depression" of 1929 to a frightening level of authority. It is so large and complex that citizens find it nearly impossible to stay informed about important new legislation. Most citizens "trust" our elected representatives to make the right decisions. In a free republic like ours, an abusive government can only gain power through fear manipulation, ignorance and indifference. Politicians today employ "public relation" experts who are able to take bad legislation and make it sound good to the voters. Some political commentators refer to them as "Spin Doctors" because they "spin" the news in such a way that it appears opposite to what it really is. In situations like the Oklahoma City bombing, the spin was to explain how giving up some of our liberties is a good thing for America. Bodies of dead children were shown on television--and we're told that losing our freedoms is necessary to fight no more of our children will die. This kind of emotional manipulation is usually enough to persuade most Americans that we should indeed give up our freedoms to stop the killing of our children. The way America is losing her freedoms is by yeilding to emotionalism and allowing tragedy to give birth to new laws that legislate away our liberty. This is the diabolical way socialism gains control in a country. It uses emotion, hardship and fear as a way to enslave--and it's almost impossible to fight. Americans that only hear the "spin" in the media believe that everything is alright. Those who look behind the deception see a much different picture.

The same "spin" is being applied to our system of laws. Back in the 1920's federal authorities tried to arrest a notorius criminal by the name of Al Capone. After trying and failing the FBI finally "bent" the law so they could arrest Capone on "income tax evasion" rather than on other crimes which couldn't be proved in court. While it's good Capone was arested and sent to jail, the practice of "bending" the laws to satisfy a government objective has become a dangerous common practice. Today, you can't accept the "face value" explanation of legislators about particular laws. You have to look closely at how the law can be twisted and used against the public--AND IT WILL BE. An example of this is the child abuse laws in America. Some good parents have been fined, sent to jail and had their children taken away because they believe in "corporal discipline." In some cases, it is part of the parents moral and religious belief. However, this form of discipline today is considered child abuse by the government. In this case a good law that provides children some level of protection from real physical and sexual abuse weakens the family, parental rights and character training in children--to achieve the social agenda of the federal government. It is a fact that some adults do physically abuse children and call it discipline. But, do we really want the government meddling in parental rights and punishing those who violate the standards it sets? Allowing government this kind of power is a disaster for the liberties we cherish. Bending the definition of child abuse can have tragic consequences like the ones documented below.

In the early 1990's the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms along with the FBI raided a religious retreat owned by a group known as the "Branch Davidians." The U.S. military was asked to help in the raid because of an unsubstantiated "tip" that drugs were being manufactured inside. Ordinarily, the military is prohibited by federal law from using its muscle in domestic law enforcement cases. But, the U.S. Justice Department used the drug manufacturing "rumor" to go around the law. The public was told that the raid was justified because children were being abused in the compound. By making this statement, sympathetic Americans were manipulated into supporting the government's actions. Federal agents also raided the complex because of suspected firearm violations even though the leader of the group invited inspectors--a week earlier--to examine the firearms they owned--the government declined. Federal agents used tactics that resulted in the tragic gasing and burning of 80 men, women and children. It has also been proven that federal agents destroyed evidence at the scene of the raid to hide what really happened. The government immediately set the "spin doctors" into motion to covered up the operation so the public would not learn the truth. Federal agents were caught lying under oath. As congressional and private investigations continued, the horror of what had happened is only now becoming public knowledge--years later. For a complete account with links to web pages that tell the whole story, click on the MCSM link below..."Gun Control Results In Government Sanctioned Genocide." This link is also accessible from the home page menu bar under "Legislating Genocide." As you read the story you will see that the Branch Davidians were not blameless. There were serious moral and ethical problems in the group. However, the government used illegal, unethical and unnecessary deadly force against these people to put on a show for the American people to satisfy a political agenda. Young, innocent children were burned alive by a government who professes to care about them. The evidence clearly shows this incident as a massacre. The massacre at Ruby Ridge, another government sanctioned event, is also documented at this location.

No, the federal government is not too "benevolent" to attack its own people. It has happened on numerous occasions in the past and will continue to happen with increasing regularity until Americans wake up and say "enough." A few years ago, a military poll was taken. The question was asked, "would you fire on citizens of the United States if they refused to surrender their guns?" Approximately 25% of the soldiers said they would--even though they took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies foreign and domestic. The Second Amendment is part of the Constitution the last time I looked. This should be a wake-up call to every freedom loving American that things have gone too far. The big lie crowd has tried to bury the incidents at Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas because it exposes the whole dangerous agenda behind gun control. We want to make sure America doesn't forget.

Gun Control Results In Government Sanctioned Genocide

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