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The law does not require police officers (officers of the city, county, state or federal government) to provide personal protection for citizens. Police are known as "law enforcement" officers--not personal security officers. Most Americans don't stop to think about the different meaning of these two terms. The Second Amendment requires that American citizens remain armed for three important reasons: To protect constitutional liberties, to provide the final line of defense against invasion by a foreign army, and to provide protection and self-defense for family and community.

The Constitution does not empower the police to provide protection for citizens. The police are charged with "law enforcement". Self-defense is the responsibility of the citizen--not the police. It was originally set up that way to keep government (both local and federal) from encroaching on citizen rights. There is a term that describes a nation which uses police to keep citizens obedient and to provide protection--that term is "Police State." A police state is NOT a free state. In America today most citizens believe they are unable to provide self-defense for themselves and their families. The responsibility, by default, falls on the police. The real reason is not an inability to provide self-defense but a refusal to take responsibility for their own protection. Americans today want someone else to take over this sometimes "messy" job--so they rely on the government. Citizens put politicians in office who pass unconstitutional laws which makes it illegal for anyone to practice self defense--especially with a firearm. These same citizens then hide behind the holy cause of non-violence and community safety. They don't want to be placed in the "uncomfortable" position of defending their own life--or their family. They would rather pay a police officer 30 thousand dollars a year to take that risk for them. Fortunately, the Constitution does not legally provide this "protection" service for American citizens. Have you ever noticed those bumper stickers which say "Troopers Are Your Best Protection." Troopers are NOT your best protection because they are not legally empowered to provide personal protection--even though they are excellent at doing their law enforcement duties.

MCSM supports our police force. These men and women put their lives on the line every day serving our communities and doing the difficult job of law enforcement. Some lose their lives in performance of their duties. The comments in this article are not directed against our police. Rather, they are directed against the "big lie" the American people have been told. If you are interested in learning more click on the link below for a more detailed discussion. You'll find that the majority of Americans have the wrong idea about their entitlement to police protection.

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