The Lie....Guns are bad and we need to get rid of them to make society safer--you can't solve violence by using violence.

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A very similar belief was held by the peace protestors of the 1960's..."If America would only lay down its weapons, then our enemies would understand we mean them no harm--then we can have a lasting peace." This is the false philosopy of the current "baby boom" generation. Peace is the desire of all freedom loving people. Yet, it's an ill conceived thought that lasting peace comes through surrendering your freedoms and throwing away your strength to demonstrate your good faith. The difference is understanding how real peace is attained. It is a proven fact that everyone in the world is not interested in peace. There are still plenty of men around like Iraq's Saddam Hussein--and the current leadership of Red China, Libya, Iran and North Korea that are just waiting for us to adopt a foolish philosophy like this.

Our Constitution was written to counter the intentions of tyrants like these. It was written to protect a free people from the dangers of human nature. One unfortunate characteristic of human nature is the intense desire to have power over others. This is true for dictators and governments. Human nature has not changed, no matter how enlightened or civilized we think we are. Some foolishly believe we have "evolved" past these weaknesses. The lesson of history teaches us that real peace is maintained through strength. Only a fool attacks someone who can fully defend themselves. Weakness and vulnerability invites aggression. Just ask any school student who doesn't know how to fight or didn't want to. I believe placing children--or adults in a position of weakness, passivity and helplessness, and then telling them that this is a good thing, is cruelty.

Gary Kleck, a Florida State University criminologist did a study on the defensive uses of firearms. He found that approximately 2.5 million crimes are thwarted each year in the United States by average citizens using firearms. It was found that in most cases the potential victim never had to fire a shot. That's 2.5 MILLION potential deaths avoided each year because of an armed citizen. That's 2.5 MILLION people like you and me that stay alive each year...because of guns. John Lott of the University of Chicago did an even more exhaustive study on the effect of violent crime by armed citizens. He found that in states that had "concealed carry" laws--violent crime dramatically dropped. These facts are never emphasized by news reporters or by school teachers. They don't want you to know.

Criminals were recently interviewed in prison during a survey being conducted on violent crime. The prisoners were asked how they chose their victims. The answer stunned authorities and the "big lie" crowd. Criminals said they deliberately picked victims they knew were not armed and had no way to defend themselves. Criminals might be bad--but they're not stupid. Violent juvenile predators were asked why they picked tourists during the 1993 murders in Florida. The main reason: They knew that tourists were unarmed.

In the right hands, a tool such as a hammer is very useful. In the hands of a violent criminal--it can crush your skull. The hammer is not bad in and of itself. The same is true of a firearm. In the hands of a law-abiding citizen a firearm saves lives, prevents crime and greatly adds to the effectiveness of the makes our communities safer. In the hands of a criminal, it can murder and destroy. Disarm the citizens and only criminals will be armed. Is this what we really want? That's what gun control does.

A few years ago during the LA riots police ran away because they were out-matched by the violent nature of the rioters and gangs in the street. You might remember the video of the driver that was pulled from his truck during these riots and practically had his brains kicked out on national television. Stores were being looted and destroyed--except for a group of foreign business owners who decided they were not going to be run out. They stood on the roof of their businesses with rifles and shot at anyone who tried to threaten their stores. The rioters stayed away from these businessmen--a wise decision. Store owners that didn't believe in having guns lost everything. Some lost their lives. It is in real life situations like these that "big lie" propaganda doesn't hold up. The 1994 "Crime" bill pushed by President Clinton and passed by Congress made it illegal to own some of the same guns that those business owners used to protect their lives and property. Yet, over 62% of Americans thought this unconstitutional bill was all right. There's something terribly wrong.

Guns are not bad, and getting rid of them makes our communities more dangerous and threatening because they invite criminal aggression. when guns are gone, criminals feel safer about coming in. It seems like common sense--but the big lie, many times, replaces common sense with nonsense.

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