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America was not established as a pure democracy. America was created as a "free republic" with a representative style government (a government elected by the people). A Republic is a nation which is ruled by law. Our "free republic" has a democratic form of government that operates within the framework of the supreme law--The Constitution. Our form of government is not so democratic that the people or their elected representatives can change it anyway they want. The Constitution restrains the American political system from this form of self-destruction. Attacks upon our constitution come from those who want a "socialist" form of democracy that abolishes the checks and balances of constitutional law that protect our liberty. A socialist democracy produces a central government that becomes the source for everything citizens should be providing for themselves. It acts like a drug that causes the people to have an addiction and dependency on government protection, services and entitlements. It controls the voting public through fear, manipulation and intimidation. Unchecked, it eventually evolves into a totalitarian form of government that dominates its citizens. Socialism is the foundation of Communism. Currently, socialism is winning in America.

One such check and balance is the Second Amendment which plainly states that an armed citizenry is "necessary to the security of a free state." Our Constitution provides the means (an armed citizenry) to restore our freedoms if the government grows so big that it takes them away. Real Americans should view with suspicion anyone who supports the disarming of the U.S. population in any way--for any reason. Politicians who hold to a socialist agenda fear this aspect of the 2nd amendment and seek to discredit it at every opportunity. The right to own firearms for "sporting purposes" is falsely substituted into the 2nd Amendment to trick us into believing that hunting is what the framers of the Constitution had in mind. This is nonsense--but many Americans foolishly believe it! The Second Amendment is continually demonized by misinformation. Citizens who own firearms are refered to as "extremists" and "child killers" by politicians, educators and the news media. Possession of arms by citizens is the central indicator of whether our country is truly "free" and secure. When a government disarms its citizens, that country is not truly free--no matter what excuses are used to justify it--including the false promises of safety and security voiced by the anti-violence/anti-gun movements--and even our own Justice department. When this happens, America will cease to be what it was created to be. That's why Charlton Heston calls the Second Amendment "Our First Freedom." When the word "democracy" is used to describe the United States by educators and news reporters, they are taking advantage of the ignorance about America's true nature. It is the difference between Socialism (or a "socialist" democracy) and true freedom. This is plainly stated in our "Pledge of Allegiance," but ignored by most Americans.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the
United States of America
one nation, under God, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all."

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