What Is "The Big Lie?"

The "Big Lie" is a philosophy voiced by public education, the news media, Hollywood, health & medical communities, and the federal government. Its goals include molding public opinion to acheive a neo-socialist agenda. Most media sources in America cooperate with the "Big Lie" philosophy. Fifty years ago the world witnessed similar methods of "social reprogramming" practiced in Germany before the holocaust of the 1940's. How do you think an entire country of intelligent citizens could be fooled into believing that Hitler's "Final Solution" was right and the holocaust was justified? It's happening in America and today we call it "spinning" the news.

In the public school system, the big lie philosophy easily shapes the impressionable minds of our children to gain the obedience of the next generation. The National Education Association in cooperation with organizations like Handgun Control and MAHV is one of the most effective voices for big lie propaganda against the Second Amendment. It gives our children twisted and misleading information about this important freedom while maligning those who defend it. The NEA has a virtual death-grip on our public school system...and the minds of the next generation.

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