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Are Law Inforcement Resources Being Misused?
Read The Maryland Crime Study
By Phil Lee

MCSM Responds To Defend Friends Of The NRA

MCSM Responds To "Evil Tools" Article--Bob Culver

Smart Guns--So Stupid The Police Don't Want Them
By Mary Caherty

U.S. Attorney Adding To Confusion About Gun Laws
By Phil Lee

The Non-Violence Movement--A Hidden Social Disease
MCSM Commentary

Can We Mandate Safety? (Safety Part 1)
By Bob Culver & Chris Conte

Safety From Crime Or Accidental Murder (Safety Part 2)
By Bob Culver

The assault against the Second Amendment continues
Stuart Broad, MCSM legal counsel responds

Exposing Sarah Brady's misinformation on safety locks
Response by MCSM Co-chairman Bob Culver

Youth Violence--Is it guns or something else?
Response by MCSM Co-chairman Bob Culver
Also, read the conclusions of a British anti-gun commentator

New ATF "Instant Check" system invades privacy
Response by MCSM Co-chairman Bob Culver

Warning to Congress about the attacks on the Smith Amendment
MCSM letter to Congressional leaders

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