MCSM Letter To Governor Elect Bob Ehrlich

November 29, 2002

To Governor elect Mr. Robert Ehrlich;
To Lt. Governor elect Mr. Michael Steele;
8600 LaSalle Road
Suite 105
Baltimore, Md. 21286


I congratulate you on your impressive victory on November 5th. Not only have we changed the party of political leadership in Maryland, but I can be sure we have changed the moral philosophy of the leadership, a change at least 8 years, if not 30+ years overdue.

I must congratulate you further on your courage to stand up to the issue I hold dearest, my Constitutional civil rights as a firearm owner. That right is the basis for my self defense and defense of my home and community and country. I think I can speak for others whey I say that I, as an individual, have and all ways will stand to defend the Homeland. Homeland Defense is the duty of the individuals, even more so than that of some overburdening government. If terrorists or any other individual or group for that matter, come to attack an individual or a congregation of citizens, what better way to stop the attack than by an effective point defense at the scene of the attack. We, the victims, should also be the defenders, we are the first on the scene of an attack.

I have told you this to explain why I consider self defense, in all its forms including Concealed Firearms, to be a rational and moral stance. Who can say that I should not be allowed to defend myself? That position is morally indefensible. If someone posits that he should not use armed self defense, then I say to him, "I applaud your convictions, but you may not impose on me your ideal, as I consider it wrong". I do not intend to yield to so called "gun control" as a control of my civil rights to Life and Liberty.

I apologize for being so long winded in this matter, but I wanted to be sure you understood my personal strong convictions in this matter. I and scores of thousands of other voters, through considerable restraint, did not press this issue for the past half year, knowing the political liability it held at a sensitive time. You experienced that after your relatively mild statement of truth regarding inspecting the efficiency and fairness of existing laws. We, firearm owners in Maryland have much factual and personal information which will be of value. We look forward to your visiting with us to learn and understand our heritage and life style so that you may represent true freedom in the future.

As always, voting Freedom First, I remain yours Truly,

Robert Culver, MCSM,
day 301-776-4488

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