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California has gone to the Dark Side - they think they can cure crime by placing more burden on law abiding citizens. The firearm "Micro Stamping" law in that state will require all semi-automatic pistols sold in that state after some future date to incorporate a "Micro Stamp" etched or imbossed in several places in the chamber mechanism so that upon firing the brass cartridge cass will be imbossed with identifying information enabling identification of the firearm used and hence its owner.

I know all of you are familiar enough with the design and function of firearms to understand the many problems with this scheme and why it is Pure PC-BS. If you need to discuss any of this send an E-mail back to me.

So; What to do about it?

The main thing to do is to attack it where it started and keep it from spreading. We know Maryland would welcome some Lunie Law like this and so might other states. Already there is rumbling from the east coast. If it get started in force, it will be harder to overcome. The following action has been endorsed by others with far more inside information than I.


Letters to NSSF;

Send letters calling for a boycott by all manufacturers and distributors with a promise that your future gun dollars will go exclusively to those who boycott (as opposed to saying you will boycot CA suppliers). NSSF represents most manufacturers and when they get the letters they will let all of industry know.

Letters should be supportive in tone, NOT angry. You really need not and should not go into any greater detail.

Office of General Counsel
Flintlock Ridge Office Center
11 Mile Hill Rd.
Newtown, CT 06470-2359

NSSF is the National Shooting Sports Foundation, an industry trade group for the firearm industry.

Letters to manufacturers;

In addition to NSSF, I think it might be advisable to write to your favorite manufacturer or distributor. If the industry understands that it has broad consumer support for a boycot of all sales to California, then things will happen.

There are already two manufacturers who have boycotted California; Barrett will not sell or service any of its products to the state and STI, a high end 1911 manufacturer.

Time to speak out.


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