News Links To Various Public Shooting Tragedies

July 20th Through December 16th 2012

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“Federal and state laws combined to insure that no teacher,
no administrator, no adult had a gun at the Newtown school where
the children were murdered.

Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America

Special Note: Keep in mind that Connecticut has some of the
toughest gun control laws in the the United States. This guaranteed
that no one had the slightest chance at stopping the gunman. The
police were immediately called -- but the children were all dead
by the time they arrived a few minutes later.

Dozens Dead in Connecticut School Shooting

Left Mobilizes to Politicize School Shooting

Boston Mayor Menino: Time For 'National Policy
on Guns' [BreitbartNews]

Gun-Control Battle Looms in Light of
Connecticut Massacre [NewsMax]


Details Emerge About Suspect in Movie Theater
Massacre [NewsMax]

Colo. Gov. Hickenlooper: More Laws Would Not Have
Stopped Tragedy [NewsMax]

24 out of 25 Gun Uses for Self Defense, Not Crime

Colorado is a "shall issue" conceal-and-carry firearm state.
Why didn't someone in the theater shoot the gunman?
Lawmaker: "Was there nobody that was carrying that could have stopped this guy?"

Colorado Theater Called "Gun Free" Zone
By Chelsea Schilling [WorldNetDaily]

City of Aurora, Colorado would have arrested anyone who
stopped the Batman massacre with a concealed weapon
Mike Adams []

Gun Foes Mobilize in Wake of 'Batman'
Theater Shooting [NewsMax]

Chris Christie Knocks Bloomberg-Like Politicians for Ramped-up
Anti-Gun Rhetoric: ‘Disturbed’ [TheBlaze]

Armey: Colorado Shootings Don’t Justify Gun Control [NewsMax]

Media Again Smears the “Violent” Tea Party
Katie Pavlich [TownHall]

Ebert: Gun-Free Theater Proves Concealed Carry Doesn't Work
By Warner Todd Huston [Breitbart]

‘What Kind of Idiot Makes That Kind of Statement?’: Tea Partier
Falsely Linked to Colo. Killings Slams ABC [TheBlaze]

'Never Let a Good Crisis': Dems Push Gun Control [Breitbart]

Colorado Batman Shooting Shows Obvious Signs
of Being Staged []

Ice-T Defends Gun Rights: "The Last Form Of Defense Against Tyranny"

Krauthammer: The Problem For Democrats Is The Gun Lobby
Is The Majority Of Americans [RealClearPolitics]


Official: Ex-Army Man Carried Out
Temple Shootings []

Liberals Politicize Sikh Temple Tragedy

Temple Gunman Urged Other White Supremacists
to Act []

Indian Sikhs Shocked, Angered by US Attack

Racist Wisconsin Killer Gave Online Advice on What
to Do Were Herman Cain Elected []

Report: Feds Tracked Sikh Killer For Decades


Shooting at Family Research Council office in DC

CNN Takes Almost 3 Hours to Report Family Research
Council Shooting []

Security guard credited for thwarting
DC shooting []

Suspect in FRC Shooting Was Volunteer at
Gay, Lesbian Group []

The index below contain some news links that can provide
a brief, yet revealing review of the Arizona tragedy.

The Arizona Shootings

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